2018 – An Exciting year for Speck Homes

This year Newcastle Casino, American General Contracts (AGC) and Dr. Robert Fisher reached out to give our youths some great experiences and events. 

Newcastle Casino again gave our boys a Christmas Party to remember. With that, the Management increased their support of the program by making more services available to our program and youth.  This was not a surprise based on their history of support and now Newcastle has committed to become involved in fund raising for the program.

Moreover, AGC for over 10 years has given our youth a Christmas Party.  With all the gifts, the boys once again received tickets to Thunder Game.  WE want to thank all the contracts involved in supporting this annual event.

Dr. Robert Fisher was introduced to our program this year.  He immediately took special interest in our boys.  He invited the boys for a swim day and food.  After this event Dr. Fisher contact us and suggested a special event for youths in the program who were making achievements.  From that conversation an Honors Dinner was put together.  That evening was special for the boys who had made achievements in school and treatment. A heartfelt thank you to Sebrenia Dixon for your kindness during the evening.

The exciting events didn’t stop with the above.  Life Church became involved with Speck Homes for Boys.  This is their Britton road location.  One of their members began mentoring our youth and conducting Bible study,  this led to one of our youth finding a foster home. This was something we hoped would happen and our prayers were answered.

After two years of work, we were able to open a new program.  The Renaissance Project was created to bring trauma care to youths.  This project had the help of so many people.  We want thank Brad Rice, who obtained the building and renovation.  The support of Oklahoma Department of Human Services, Mr. Lakes office, SPPU and contracts.  Prospect Church deacons, deaconess and Pastor Lee Cooper with prayer and support at the city council.  So many others were involved in this process and we thank each one of them.  I want to thank the staff of Speck Homes for Boys for their support and willingness to take on this challenge.

Many good things occurred with our boys.  We had 28 boys successfully complete the program.  These boys went to lower level group homes or returned to their home.  The youths graduated from high school and they all earned credits towards graduating.  Some of our youths returned to off-campus school to credit recovery programs.  Three of our boys had part-time jobs.

We are looking forward to 2019 providing opportunities to work towards helping more boys to change their lives.

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