About Us

In 1972, John Speck, a local tax attorney who had a profound interest in juvenile reform, asked himself the question “How does one re-orient juveniles so they can become positive and productive citizens?” From that question, Speck Homes for Boys was started. The goal of the program was and is “A program that could teach them what was expected and required of them in this society, provide the tools of understanding needed to live in this society as a normal and successful person.”

Since the goal of Mr. Speck, the boys’ home has served more than 2500 youth over a period of 45 years. We still hold true to that goal; giving boys the tools to have a normal and successful life.

Speck Homes began as a 10 beds program and has grown over the years to 52 beds. During this time Speck Homes has maintained a loyal staff, making the program unique. We have several staff members with more than 30 years of service. Speck Homes had two previous Executive Directors, Mel Gourd and Glen Koch, who combined lead Speck Homes for 43 years.  Presently, Speck Homes’ Executive Director is Michael H. McPherson, who has the privilege to lead Speck Homes for Boys.