Become a Life Supporter

How can I become a Life Supporter?

By making a consistent monthly or annual donation to Speck Homes for Boys, you can become a Life Supporter. Your donation will help youth like HJ (quoted comment below). Please take the time to read his story, to understand how he has grown as a person. He allowed Speck Homes for Boys to help him create a new life for himself, to include a new loving foster family.

“At Speck, I learned they keep giving you chance after chance,
always they want kids to be successful; they are like family”

HJ came to Speck Homes for Boys with a history of failed placements. His placement had failed due to his aggressive behaviors, defiance, and lack of trust in others. HJ had four other placements before coming to Speck Homes. In HJ’s own words “I was bad and disrespectful to staff. I didn’t want to be here but the staff still was nice to me.” HJ is not different than many of the boys that come to Speck Homes. They have been hurt by so many people and find it hard to  respect and trust others. His background includes abuse and neglect.

At the age of 8, HJ found himself on the streets of Tulsa trying to provide for his sibling and gain respect in the streets. He described himself as a “stick-up kid”, who robbed people. HJ came into the custody of the Department of Human Services in 2002 and from that day forward, he has bounced from relative placement, foster care, and groups homes. There were small stays at home with his sibling and parent, but he was eventually permanently removed from the care of his parent. HJ has experienced many things that a child should not have to go through, this includes many broken relationships with significant people in his life.

While at Speck Homes for Boys, HJ has learned to develop healthy relationships, get back on track for High School graduation, and how to care for others and himself. As HJ says “You can learn a lot if you listen. Keep your head up and listen, and if you forgive you’ll heal.” HJ is doing exactly that. His decisions to be positive have lead to a foster home placement, meaningful relationships, and a bright future. He knows that people care and love him. He plans to complete high school and go to vocational training.

If you’re a person who cares about youth coming from hard places, you believe that investing in youth changes lives, and you understand that mistakes in life does not determine one’s ending, then you should be come a life supporter.  Please consider supporting our boys. Your donation will be greatly appreciated and will be used to support and change the lives of our boys. 


Life Supporter Pledge

I_____________agree to supporting the youth of Speck Homes for Boys as a Life Supporter.

I will pledge my support for Speck Homes for Boys monthly/annually in the amount of _________ .

Note: No amount is too small. Monthly pledge amounts can be
$20.00, $25.00, $50.00 or $100.00.

Thank you in advance!

All donations are taxed deductible, Speck Homes for Boys is a 501(c)(3) non-profit.